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  • To Provided financial assistance for performing Annadhanam and feeding the poor directly and through any other institution.
  • To Establish, conduct, maintenance of old age homes, homes for physically challenged men, women and children, persons with similar disabilities and also for granting financial assistance to institutions performing similar activities.
  • To construct, renovate and perform Kumbabhisekam of temples and other places of worship and maintain the same.
  • To perform Utsavam and other festivals in temples and to provide financial assistance to perform daily poojas in temples and maintaining of the Temples.
  • To run patasalas to teach and spread the spirits of Vedas, Agamas, Puranas and similar spiritual subjects.
  • To organize and conduct tours to places of historical, religious and cultural importance.
  • To provide shelter and care for destitute animals.
  • To Create awareness among people to donate blood and organs for Transplantation.
  • Provide accommodation food, cloths, free education to orphans who are having no parents, helplessness boys and girls.
  • Render all possible help for the blind, deaf and dumb boys and girls, Whenever they approach and seek help for education according to their constitution and learning capacity.
  • To serve the Old, the Poor, Physically Challenged, the Marginalized and Abandoned by providing them with their basic needs and conduct programmes for their welfare.
  • For the protection of Widows , Orphans, poor children , Helplessness and Invalid parents accommodation will be provided/running an orphanage house.